About us

The three siblings

Csilla, Annamari and Pali

Three siblings who think of one, save and even blossom father's legacy, dream...because a dream is needed..., a port...

...we also had dreams... and we have fought hard for the realization.

We dreamed of such a port

... where the body, the soul dreams, sleeps in the rushing, noisy everyday where silence can be heard ...

After a lot of sleepless nights, after a long day of many dreams, we managed to rejuvenate our family nest, struggling with a lot of work, debate, struggle, price and common sense, but today we can proudly say yes! we wanted this!

"With the endless freedom of the sea, it's not the point to have a boat, but to have a place to go, be a dream, a port that you should pass through the many water." - Alessandro D'Avenia

Why is Pál (=Paul) the Pál Villa?

It is 1948, the winter's solstice, the longest night in the year. Darkness is everywhere, but the hope appears, the promise of rebirth, when the dense darkness comes to an end, and the light is born. Days become longer, and the light begins its conquest.

On this day, on 21 December 1948. was born this great man, Pál Varga. The husband, the father (the paterfamilias) , the entrepreneur, giving work for dozen's of families, the innovator, the yachtmodelling-champion, the man, who wanted to help everybody, our Dad.
With the national cup
With the national cup

He attended

József Katona Grammar School in Kecskemét, then he was a soldier, and he went on to college at GAMF in Kecskemét, where he graduated without a second exam. Later he was a foreman at the DUTÉP state company. According to his collegues "Pali was a great boss, strict but even-handed."

Afterwards, as the political line allowed to make your own business, he established a building company, involved in micropile-foundation. Not only in Kecskemét, but also in whole Hungary numerous building stand on micropile-feet (of course also Pál Villa).


Next to his name stand

25-year marriage, 3 children, 8 grandchildren (the number is growing...) His eternal and endless love was the modell yachting,the RC sailing, his sail-number was the HUN-33. He was a multiple hungarian champion with his selfmade boats, the ships were rigged out with sails planned and completed by him.
He qualified also in the World Champoinship for the TOP 10.
The Goldsand-cup,the regatta in Kecskemét, was founded by our Dad , and has been organized, hosted and sponsored by him for more than 10 years.

Fixing a problem...
Fixing a problem...

His one and only slogan was,

which always set at rest not only us, but also the friends and collegaues: "We solve it."

And he has solved it. Always.

The sole thing, that cannot be solved is the permanent live. So in 2013, when he has sailed away for good and all, he has devised this beautiful building, our home to us. This building was built in 1998, and Dad put in our new home 50 years work, knowledge and desire.

With the boat named "Palcsi"
With the boat named "Palcsi"

This house has been our nest

for more than 20 years. It has seen a lot of happiness, few sorrow, hot summers, and some hard winters, but it has stood the ravages of time. Fate willed it so, that none of the children continued his life in this buliding, in their formerly home.

We decided to create something great, something worthy of our Dad, which will be named after him.


As we made the decision,

to make accomodation from the patrimony, the choise of the name lasts about 1 minute, all of us felt, that the name can not be any others, only Pál (=Paul) Villa.

After more than 1 year planning, after countless restless nights, Pál Villa, the newest premium accomodation in Kecskemét, was born on the 1st October, 2018.

Daddy, we have solved it. We know, You helped us from above with your inspiration, intuition.

Thank You so much.

HUN33 – now in the Villa
HUN33 – now in the Villa