House Rules

Dear Pál Villager

If you booked a room with us, you accept our House Rules. The House Rules concern every guest staying in the hotel. If you stick to these couple of points, you will be our favourite guest, and we will do everything so that we become your favourite accommodation. 😉

1. Arrival - departure

  • On the day of your arrival, you can get the keys for your apartment from 14.00 onwards. On the day of departure, you can use your room until 10.00. Earlier arrival or later departure is only possible if you discuss it with our receptionist colleague beforehand.
  • When you check out, you can give the keys to our receptionist colleague in person, or if she is not present at the moment, you can leave it in the mailbox next to the main exit.
  • We hold your reservation until 18.00. If you would like to arrive later, please let us know in advance.
  • Late check-out is until 15.00 and costs 2.500 HUF/8 EUR p.p. After 15.00 we charge 100% of the current price for your room.
  • After departure, we check the rooms. If we notice any damage in the property, you will be held liable and we will ask you for compensation.

2. Returning the keys and departure

In case our receptionist is not in the hotel, you can leave the accommodation as following:

  • Close the door of your room with the key.
  • As you leave reception, close the main door until you hear a click. Now the door cannot be opened without the key or the blue token.
  • Open the gate, pull out with your car and drop the keys in the white mailbox next to the gate.
  • Done! 😊

+1 Important: Drop your keys in the mailbox only after pulling out from the yard. If you already dropped your keys but your car is still parked inside, the gate may close in the meantime and you cannot exit anymore. In case this happens, please call our receptionist colleague for help!

3. Cancellation policies

  • Free cancellation is possible 5 days prior to your arrival.
  • In case of late cancellation or no show, we charge you 50% of the price.
  • Even if you leave before the end of your reservation, you will be charged the whole amount for your reservation - so until the last day of the booking.

4. Behaviour at the property

  • Please respect our other guests, don't bother them with loud noise between 22.00 and 6.00.
  • Please don't bring flammable and pollutant materials in your room.
  • Please don't use candles and naked light due to fire protection reasons.
  • In case of fire, please call our receptionist colleague immediately! If she's not available start to extinguish the fire and call the fire-fighters.
  • If you notice any malfunction in some devices or any disorder, please call our receptionist colleague.
  • Taking any equipment, devices, furniture, bedlinens or towels out of the room is forbidden!
  • When you leave the apartment, please make sure to turn off every lamp and electronic device you don't use at the moment.
  • You have to pay indemnity in case of abnormal use of your room or damage due to negligence.
  • We do not accept pets.
  • Pál Villa cannot be held liable for valuable items, cash and vehicles parking in the garage or the yard.
  • The management of Pál Villa have the rights to reject or eliminate inappropriate guests .
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel, except for designated areas.
  • Electronic devices can only be used for their intended purpose.

Thank you for following our House Rules!

Pál Villa Team